Dr. Summit Shaw is the President of Premier Allergy.

Dr. Summit Shaw is the President of Premier Allergy.

Premier Allergy Services

Allergy testing without needles

At Premier Allergy, we test our patients for we a variety of allergens that you may be allergic to including chemicals, medications/drugs and food. Most of our allergy testing is needle-free so you can say goodbye to the old bloody, screaming visits to your allergist. No blood draws. Most of our testing is done the same day as your initial office visit and is tested on your back- a nice convenience for you.

Rush Immunotherapy

For those with severe allergies and asthma, we offer allergy shots that can transition an allergic patient into becoming “unallergic.” Traditional allergy shots take several years and offer relief only several months to years later. Our “rush immunotherapy” program offers relief within weeks, before the end of the season.

Drug & Penicillin Testing

We are the only group in Columbus that can conclusively rule out penicillin related allergic reactions. We test to ALL components of penicillin, including the major and minor determinants. These are not commercially available, and Dr. Shah’s extensive research background allowed him to create these medicines for testing purposes. We offer testing for other medications as well.

Nasal Endoscopy

We are one of only a handful of allergy offices that are proficient in nasal endoscopy. Using a pediatric sized endoscope, we are able to visualize structures in your nose, throat and larynx that most allergists without this device can’t. Conditions like large adenoids, nasal polyps, deviated septum, vocal cord nodules, sinus disease, and abnormal movements of your vocal cord can be easily visualized using our state of the art nasal endoscope. To ensure patient comfort, we use only localized anesthesia, which is sprayed into your nose. Most exams using this tool take as little as two minutes to perform and are virtually painless.

Premier Allergy Locations

Premier Allergy has 10 Locations to serve you.