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Shellfish allergies

    Shellfish allergies are a much greater problem than fish allergies, because it is much more common and causes a greater severity of anaphylaxis than most other allergies. Shellfish allergies are rare in children, it generally develops during adulthood and is lifelong in virtually all sufferers. Those who are allergic to one shellfish are generally allergic [...]

Food Allergy An Overview

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Tips for Avoiding Food Allergies

“Knowledge” is key to keeping yourself and others safe from food allergens. It is necessary to think about allergen avoidance at every meal and social gathering. Accidents can happen, but being educated and prepared goes a long way in maintaining safety. Constant vigilance is needed to consider the safety of foods at each meal and [...]

Does A Peanut Allergy mean an Allergy to Seeds also?

First, let's learn the confusing meaning of nuts, seeds and legumes. This is especially confusing for allergic patients (and parents) who are trying to decide what foods to avoid. For example, "legume" is used to describe peanut as well as peas, chickpeas, and soy, yet also includes wattles and the black bean tree of Queensland. [...]

Can my baby be allergic to my breastmilk?

The simplified answer is, No, your baby cannot be allergic to your breastmilk. Instead, however, your baby can possibly be allergic or sensitive to a protein in mom's milk due to something in mom's diet. In the rare instances this occurs, the most common culprit is cow's milk (ice cream, cheese, smoothies, etc.) While this [...]

‘Gluten-Free’ Now Means What It Says – FDA

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FDA Food Facts Allergies

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Gluten Free Diet

Gluten - Summit Shah Some people start a gluten free diet because it is the fad, others because they have to we try to cover both in this article along with the possible consequences. Immune System Response Gluten-sensitive enteropathy disease is caused by an immune system response to gluten, a protein in wheat, [...]