Sesame Allergies Increasing in the United States

Though sesame allergies affect less than 1% of the United States’ population, somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000 people in the U.S. are allergic to sesame. According to allergists, many more people are afflicted in the U.S. today than a decade or two ago. The most common symptom associated with sesame allergy is hives, with hives, [...]

Allergy Relief for Your Child

  A document by the FDA on Allergy relief for children. [slideshare id=58228410&doc=allergieskidsdrsummitshah-160213175305&type=d]

Food Allergies: Reducing the Risks

A document by the the FDA uploaded by Dr. Summit Shah on reducing the risks of food allergies. [slideshare id=58227869&doc=foodallergens0109-160213172708&type=d]


Immunodeficiency can be the cause of recurrent infections of the lungs, sinuses, ears, nose and throat. These symptoms are a common clinical presentation of patients that are referred to an Allergist/ Immunologist for evaluation. In most cases these infections turn out to be due to a respiratory allergy or simple frequent infection. However, in a [...]

Can I be allergic to my pet?

Pet Allergies Dr Shah Yes you can be allergic to your pet. Roughly 15-20% of people are allergic to animals.Most of the allergies are to the pets dander, which are scales of old skin. Cats are the most common culprit of allergies. Symptoms of an animal allergy can include, red, itchy, watery eyes [...]

What happens with skin pricks and blood tests?

An Allergist administers allergy tests starting with IgE skin tests. This test is relatively painless. A very small amount of an allergen is put in your skin by making a small prick on the surface of your skin. If you have allergies the area will swell and look and feel like a mosquito bite. The [...]

Allergic Reactions to Soy

Allergy to "Soy" (soybeans) is a common food allergy. Often, Soy allergy starts in infancy with a reaction to soy based infant formula. Most children will outgrow their soy allergy (70% by age 10) and some carry it into adulthood. This "healthy food" has come under fire recently for several reasons. First, the "Estrogen-like" properties [...]

Can You Be Allergic to Wi-Fi?

WiFi symbol Dr Summit Shah Though the medical community has not acknowledged it as a legitimate allergy, people have begun to claim that they suffer from allergies to Wi-Fi. Over the years, a number of health risks associated with our smart devices have been revealed – including insomnia, neck pain, and brain changes. [...]

The Eight Most Common Food Allergies

Skin Allergy Patch Test on Back of Female Patient Food allergies are typically caused by eight common ingredients: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish. These foods can initiate annoying skin reactions or life-threatening breathing problems. Because of the danger posed to those who are allergic to these foods, companies [...]

Allergy Infographic

Some Allergy facts including the cost of Allergies, the science of sneezing and treatment options. This infographic is also available on Dr. Shah's SlideShare.