925px-Nursing_area_signThe simplified answer is, No, your baby cannot be allergic to your breastmilk. Instead, however, your baby can possibly be allergic or sensitive to a protein in mom’s milk due to something in mom’s diet. In the rare instances this occurs, the most common culprit is cow’s milk (ice cream, cheese, smoothies, etc.) While this occasionally true, the chances are slim, because only between 2% and 8% of babies are actually allergic to the small trace amount of protein in mom’s milk. For a baby who’s ONLY on mom’s milk,  the risk is only 0.5% for the proteins in cow’s milk and 0.7% for proteins in soy. What you should know is that in some studies, the small amount of proteins in mom’s milk is actually helping the baby be allergy free by introducing these trace amounts over time. So, in conclusion, food allergies in breastfed babies are rare and usually due to substances passing into mom’s breast milk and not to breastmilk itself.