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Allergy doctor Summit Shah, MD specializes in allergy diagnosis and treatment that affect both adults and children, including drug allergies, hay fever, asthma, venom allergies, sinus disease, and more. Dr. Shah founded the Allergy Department at the Chalmers P. Wylie VA in Columbus, OH, where he is still an active member of the staff. Dr. Shah also actively practices at Dublin Methodist Hospital, Nationwide Children’s’ Hospital, Mt. Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital, and Riverside Hospital. His areas of interest are pediatric food allergies and eczema. Dr. Shah, a Columbus native, graduated as valedictorian from Bishop Watterson High School before attending Ohio State University, where he earned a Bachelor’s with Honors. A Buckeye through and through, he stayed at OSU for medical school. After earning his MD from the College of Medicine at Ohio State, Dr. Shah underwent a residency program in Boston as well as a fellowship training program at the renowned Scripps Clinic in San Diego, CA, where he trained under acclaimed experts in allergy and immunology. An allergy doctor by profession, Dr. Shah also enjoys cheering on the Buckeyes, golfing, and scuba diving. Dr Shah resides in Columbus with his wife, who is a graduate of Dublin Coffman high school and the Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. They have two daughters, Saanvi and Saaya.

First use of the word Allergy

The term allergy was introduced in 1906 by Clemens von Pirquet. Clemens published in German In the Munchen Med Wehnscher 1906;3 . 24 July. He said that a new generalized term was needed which does not prejudice anything but expresses a change in condition which an animal experiences after contact with any organic poison.Referring to serums [...]

Are Mold, Dust and Pollen affecting your children at School?

Dr. Summit Shah did an interview a number of years back about it. These irritants can affect asthma. It’s been estimated that about one out of every ten school-aged children has asthma, and more than 10 million school days are missed each year due to this condition.

Rush Immunotherapy – Dr Shah Channel 10

Wait at Least 60 Minutes After Eating – Abstract by Dr. Shah

Premier Allergy, Dublin, OH. World Allergy Organization Journal 02/2012; 5(Suppl 2):S86-S87. DOI: 10.1097/01.WOX.0000412022.86017.b1 ABSTRACT Background We will describe 2 unique cases of Food Dependent Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis. Methods Patients underwent a complete history, physical exam, and skin prick testing by classical method. Results Case 1: A 23 year old Asian Male presented with anaphylaxis following [...]

Dr Shah The Potential Effects of Allergy Immunotherapy on Eosinophilic Esophagitis

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Allergies, a Presentation by Dr. Summit Shah

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Dr. Summit Shaw on common outdoor allergies

Premier Allergy Review Dublin Ohio

A Premier Allergy Review by an avid Golfer.

Premier Allergy Review

Dublin Ohio Premier Allergy Review.